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Designed and developed a complete end to end customized solution for all internal and external stakeholders. The application suit comprises of Official Website, Customer Relationship Management and Financial Solution to automate the business processes and reengineer them for better efficiency and performance.

Technology Involved



The contract pharmaceutical manufacturing business client faced obstacles in managing customer relationships, purchase orders, production processes, and invoicing. Their operations relied on manual systems that were laborious, error-prone, and lacked real-time insights.


The client aimed to enhance operational efficiency by digitizing their client management, purchase order management, production management, and invoicing processes. They sought to implement a CRM system to improve customer relationship management and communication, both externally with clients and internally between departments.


Our team collaborated closely with the client to understand their specific needs and challenges. Our solution was to implement a cloud-based system that centralized their data and enabled real-time access across all departments.

To start, we developed a custom CRM solution that allowed the client to manage all aspects of customer relationships, including lead tracking, pipeline management, and automated email campaigns.

We then created a purchase order management system that automated the entire purchasing process, from requesting quotes to issuing purchase orders and monitoring inventory levels. This system integrated with the client's existing inventory management system, providing real-time stock level data.

Additionally, we created a production management system that enabled the client to track their entire production process, from raw materials to finished products. This system included features like batch tracking and quality control to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Lastly, we implemented an invoicing system that simplified the billing process, from invoice generation to payment tracking and managing accounts receivable. This system was also integrated with the client's accounting software to ensure accurate financial reporting.


By digitalizing their operations, the client experienced significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. The implementation of the CRM system enabled them to manage customer relationships and communication more effectively, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Moreover, the purchase order management system reduced the manual labor required for purchasing, resulting in cost savings and improved inventory management.

The production management system allowed for better tracking of the production process, resulting in improved quality control and compliance with regulatory standards.

Lastly, the invoicing system streamlined the billing process, leading to faster payments and improved cash flow for the client. All in all, the digitalization of their operations enabled the client to reduce errors, improve communication with clients, and gain real-time insights into their operations.


The digitization of our client's client management, purchase order management, production management, and invoicing processes yielded considerable improvements in efficiency and productivity across all aspects of their operations. Additionally, the implementation of a CRM system enabled them to better manage customer relationships and communication with clients.

The digitalization of their operations resulted in significant improvements in cost savings, quality control, and customer satisfaction, as they were able to reduce errors and gain real-time insights into their operations.

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